Established in 1992, TST Orgem Ship Supply Co. Ltd, has earned a well-deserved reputation in the ship supply industry thanks to our quality and value-guaranteed services we offer to our valued customers.

Our main key elements are our ship supply activities:

  1. Supply stores (Transit Warehouse or Domestic Products)
  2. Technical stores
  3. Bonded stores
  4. Other services (upon your special requests)

All products supplied to your ships from our transit warehouse and our domestic market go through a strictly guaranteed quality control process, ensuring the most compatible and at the same time the highest quality products.

Our products are top quality and do not contain any harmful elements for human consumption.

Our Dry Warehouses contain Fruit and Vegetables from farmers locally and also imports from countries such as Brazil / Australia / Germany / Netherlands / Asian Countries.

Orgem Ship Supplier has access to a wide range of Deck / Engine / Cabin stores which all are providing the best quality and competitive prices with short delivery times.

Our product range includes catalog products of IMPA / ISSA Stores.

Through our representatives, our experienced and capable staff will gratefully provide the best service to cater to your every need in the Turkish straits, continuous transit passes and all Turkish port stops.

We look forward to the mutually beneficial partnership in the future.